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Learning a language is a process, achieving fluency is a time taking process. 

Most of the students hesitate to learn a new language because they aren’t exposed to the language apart from the lessons provided and this is the ONLY MAIN reason for students to not take up lessons for Mandarin.

At MISL, we understand that language acquisition and achieving fluency are gradual processes that require time and dedication. We recognize that many students hesitate to learn a new language, particularly Mandarin, due to limited exposure beyond formal lessons. Addressing this concern, we take pride in being the only language school in Sri Lanka to offer an exclusive solution: 2 years of free coaching to all our students.


Upon completing our Level 2 Intermediate course, students become eligible for our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program. This unique initiative, conducted monthly for two years after their studies with us, allows students to stay connected to the language and reinforce their learning. Facilitated by our native lecturers, the CPD sessions are engaging interactions lasting over 2 hours, where students polish and rekindle the language skills they acquired during the program.


The profound impact of our CPD program becomes evident by the end of the second year, with students having almost three years of speaking experience in Chinese – one year encompassing the three levels of our comprehensive program and two years as a vital part of CPD. At MISL, we are dedicated to planning your language learning experience beyond the program's completion, ensuring that you maintain your linguistic proficiency and stay connected to the vibrant world of Chinese language and culture. Embrace a seamless and continuous learning journey with us, where we support and guide you every step of the way.

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