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Learning a language is a process, achieving fluency is a time taking process. 

Most of the students hesitate to learn a new language because they aren’t exposed to the language apart from the lessons provided and this is the ONLY MAIN reason for students to not take up lessons for Mandarin.

The big question no one answers is that what’s after completing the program? How do I keep in touch?

At MISL we got you covered. 
We are the only language school in Sri Lanka to provide 2 years of free coaching to all our students.
All students who complete level 2 Intermediate level are entitled to participate for the CPD program conducted once a month up to 2 years even after they complete studies with us.

CPD program is conducted by our Native lecturers who will interact and engage for over 2 hours polishing the language learnt during the program rekindling lessons if students have forgotten.

By the end of the 2nd year of the free CPD program a student would have completed almost 3 years of speaking Chinese (1st year includes the 3 levels and 2 years as a part of CPD).

Here at MISL we plan your learning experience even after you complete the program.

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