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We love teaching and we encourage every child to learn the Chinese language. mandarin Institute of Sri Lanka has developed a uniquely effective method and teaching materials to engage children of all age groups and diverse cultural backgrounds. we teach Mandarin simplified characters and pinion using the language system of mainland China all our teachers are certified speaking Mandarin teachers and many of them have training in teaching Chinese as a second language.

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For children between 6 and 9 years

Course Programs:

Level 1 - Beginner 

Level 2 - Elementary

Level 3 - Intermediate 

Level 4 - Advanced

Enrolling your child in our age-based Pre Teens and Teens language programs at MISL offers a multitude of benefits that cater specifically to their developmental needs and learning preferences. By providing separate classrooms for children aged 6-9 and kids aged 10-15, we ensure that each student benefits from an environment uniquely tailored to their age group.


One of the key advantages of age-based classrooms is the comfort and confidence it fosters among students. Learning alongside peers of similar age promotes a sense of camaraderie and understanding, encouraging open participation and collaboration. Moreover, our teachers are adept at tailoring their approach to the specific age group, allowing for a more personalized and effective learning experience. Younger students thrive in an environment that emphasizes engaging visuals, colorful presentations, and interactive activities, stimulating their curiosity and imagination.


Additionally, age-based classrooms enable our teachers to address the distinct learning styles of pre-teens and teens effectively. The content and materials for each age group are thoughtfully prepared to align with their cognitive development and interests. Pre-teens benefit from age-appropriate materials that capture their attention, while teens engage with more advanced resources that challenge and inspire critical thinking.


Another crucial aspect is classroom management. By grouping students of similar age together, our teachers can maintain appropriate class order and discipline tailored to their developmental stage, ensuring a conducive and focused learning atmosphere for all. This allows for better individual attention and support, as teachers can address the specific needs and progress of each student more effectively.


Finally, our commitment to providing a holistic learning experience is highlighted by incorporating a wide range of visual and audio aids, including cartoon clips and dynamic presentations, to keep the students engaged and excited about learning. By combining these engaging multimedia resources with our age-based approach, we create a truly immersive and enjoyable learning journey for every child.


Our age-based Pre Teens and Teens language programs at MISL offer a comprehensive and student-centered approach that recognizes and caters to the unique characteristics and learning styles of each age group. As a result, students not only develop language proficiency but also build self-confidence, cultivate lasting friendships, and embrace a love for learning that will serve them well in their educational journey and beyond.


Key Details.

  • Course Duration: 12 months

  • Delivery: Group classes with a maximum of 22 students per class

  • Schedule: Weekdays / Weekends 

  • Number of Classes: 1 class per week

  • Duration per Class: 2 hours

  • Awarding body: Beginner and Intermediate level awarded by MISL, Advance Level is jointly recognized by MISL and KFCC with an internationally recognized Certificate.

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