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Importance of the Chinese Language as a soft skill for the future of Sri Lanka

Updated: May 30, 2021

COLOMBO : The contrasting traits of an individual is what construes the individual’s character and personality. A vastly recognized and encouraged trait, in the cooperate and general lifestyle of man, is the possession of a “soft skill”.

Speaking to Colombo Times, Shaikib Hisham, a law student, said : “Soft skills” can be identified as the traits and inter personal skills that characterize a person’s relationship with others. Sociologists may use the term soft skills to describe a person’s emotional quotient (EQ) as opposed to the intelligent quotient (IQ). Soft skills are built on the foundation of mutuality. It has more to do with who people are, rather than what they know. Amidst the prevalence of an established number of contrasting soft skills, there prevails one that takes the spotlight dominantly – The soft skill of “communication”. The ability to inter-relate with an individual is the foundation of any human relationship. It is a vast preponderance in the cornerstone of humanity.

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