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The Mandarin Institute of Sri Lanka is a prestigious institute located in Colombo, dedicated exclusively to the teaching of the Chinese language. We offer comprehensive courses in spoken and written Mandarin, as well as advanced Chinese, catering to students from diverse backgrounds. Mandarin, being the language spoken by 98% of the Chinese population, holds immense importance in fostering effective communication and building confidence when engaging with our Chinese counterparts.


As the sole institution in Sri Lanka that focuses solely on Chinese language education, we pride ourselves on providing individual attention and a holistic study plan to our beginner students, ensuring their journey towards achieving fluency is undeterred. Our courses undergo thorough inspection to guarantee the highest quality of instruction, and our curriculum is meticulously designed with utmost care and precision. In addition to our coaching services, our specialization allows us to offer a range of cultural integration activities such as talk shows, get-togethers, and movie nights, all aimed at enriching student life and skill development, without imposing additional burdens on our students.


At the Mandarin Institute of Sri Lanka, we have a clear vision of a prosperous and productive future for Sri Lanka. We firmly believe that a thriving economy hinges on profitable interactions, and the undeniable role China plays in this regard. While Sri Lankans possess commendable academic qualifications, their employability often suffers due to a lack of essential soft skills, such as effective communication, which is often overshadowed by academic achievements.


With a proactive approach, we aim to bridge the future skill gap in Sri Lanka by offering Chinese language classes for individuals of all age groups. Recognizing the undeniable influence of China in the realms of economics and politics, we understand the importance of equipping Sri Lankans with Mandarin language skills, essential for securing promising job opportunities, enhancing business prospects, and fostering career growth. Our primary goal is to address the issue of brain drain by empowering academically qualified and ambitious students to contribute productively to the Sri Lankan workforce and economy. Through our efforts, we seek to empower Sri Lankans to actively engage in the economic relationship with China, ensuring they are not sidelined due to language barriers.


In the wise words of Nelson Mandela, "If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head; if you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart." We embrace this sentiment wholeheartedly, recognizing that language not only facilitates communication but also serves as a conduit for genuine understanding and connection. By imparting Mandarin language skills, we enable our students to communicate with their Chinese counterparts on a deeper level, fostering meaningful relationships and mutual respect.



To facilitate better integration between the people of Sri Lanka and China in terms of social connectivity by developing language and cultural understanding which will positively and profitably enable Sri Lankans to achieve greater heights in socio-economic, political and technological skill transfers. Further, to empower our workforce to work with dignity and be able to stand for justice with the Chinese counterpart.


Encourage Sri Lankans to learn Chinese and assist them in the learning process to confidently and comfortably engage in conversations with the users of the language by providing creative, flexible and up-to-date curriculum with the collaboration of skilful teachers.


At the Mandarin Institute of Sri Lanka, we take great pride in our highly skilled and dedicated academic staff, who have been carefully selected to align with our vision of empowering the Sri Lankan workforce. Our team not only possesses a deep understanding of our mission but also shares our passion for nurturing students to achieve their full potential in their careers. With a wealth of experience in both corporate and academic disciplines, our teachers bring a unique blend of expertise and cultural insight to the classroom.


Our faculty members are not only proficient in the Chinese language, but they have also spent a collective total of 20 years living in China, immersing themselves in various aspects of Chinese society and pursuing their academic qualifications. This invaluable experience enables them to coach our students with a focus on achieving fluency, while also providing deep insights into Chinese culture and work-life ethics. Their firsthand experiences living in China offer aspiring students and professionals working with Chinese stakeholders a wealth of knowledge and understanding.

Collectively, our lecture panel boasts over 10,000 hours of lecturing experience, ensuring that our students can grasp the language effortlessly. Our academic staff is proficient in Chinese, English, and Sinhala, allowing them to effectively communicate and facilitate learning across different language backgrounds.


Anjula Keshani

Head of Teen Courses

Anjula, a PhD student from Central China Normal University, is highly sought-after by young students. She possesses a unique approach to coaching children, tailoring her lessons to their intellectual capacity. With her extensive experience and numerous publications, Anjula excels in delivering structured lessons that captivate and empower her students. As an alumnus of Kelaniya University, she holds a bachelor’s degree in languages.


With over a decade of teaching experience, Anjula is highly regarded as a senior lecturer in the field.


Irushi Nagahawatte

Head of Professional Courses

Irushi is an alumnus of Kelaniya university graduating with Bachelors in Arts languages. She was awarded a scholarship by Confucius institute headquarters in Beijing China where she studied the Chinese language at Chongqing Normal University.

She is HSK level 5 qualified and has more than 6 years of experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language. She is presently attached to Moratuwa University as a visiting lecturer for the Chinese language. She was previously attached to BCIS and has immense experience under her belt in coaching adults and corporates. Her attachments at state University and educational establishment have fine-tuned her ability to reach to mature audience and maintain engagement in classes.


Jingfang Liu

Head of Cultural Activities

Liu, a native Mandarin Chinese speaker, has been living in Sri Lanka for an extended period. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in management from Beijing International Studies University in China and a Master's degree from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. With her engaging teaching methods, Liu instills a sense of fun and motivation in her students while imparting knowledge about Chinese language and culture. Liu currently serves as a senior lecturer at NSBM Green University Town and a visiting guest lecturer at the Mandarin Institute of Sri Lanka.

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Dhanushka Prasangi

Lecturer - English Medium

Dhanushka, a graduate from the University of Kelaniya, holds a master’s degree from Chongqing Normal University, specializing in Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages. She furthered her studies with a Diploma in Chinese Language from Shenyang University of Technology. Dhanushka's experience as an Assistant Lecturer in Chinese at the University of Kelaniya enhances her proficiency in teaching the language in an English medium setting.


Kaushalya Nishshanka

Lecturer - Sinhala Medium

Kaushalya, a graduate specializing in Chinese Language from the University of Sabaragamuwa, has been actively involved in lecturing Chinese across Sri Lanka since completing her studies at Chongqing Normal University in 2013. In addition to heading the Sinhala Medium Program for MISL, she shares the Kid's Program with Lecturer Anjula.


Nishadi Edirisinghe

Lecturer - English Medium

Nishadi completed her Undergraduate studies at Beijing Foreign Studies University Majoring in teaching Chinese. She studied in China for over 5 years while following her Bachelors Degree and was well exposed to the native Chinese dialects and culture. Her experience of living in China is  reflected in her classroom as she exposes her students to the Chinese lifestyle and its language. Her connection with China is not limited her academics, she is also a National Wushu Champion.


Sun Xun

Senior Academic Supervisor

Sun Xun, a graduate in Chinese language and literature from Hubei University, is an IPA recognized lecturer and an international registered senior Chinese teacher. With over eight years of teaching experience for students from different countries, she shares her knowledge with Sri Lankan students via online platforms connecting directly from China.

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Sithumini Gunawardana

Lecturer - English Medium

Sithumini is a Graduate from the University of Kelaniya in Mandarin Chinese, French and English Literature. She has successfully completed the Advance Mandarin Chinese Course at Chongqing Normal University and is currently reading for her Masters Degree in Tourism Management in Chinese Medium at Sichuan University, China. Sithumini is vastly experienced in working as a Chinese Interpreter and is currently working as a Translator and Supervisor of the Sri Lankan Team in a Chendge based Trading Company.

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