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AFFILIATION WITH KFCC (Kung Fu Chinese Culture)

As a distinguished institution, we proudly announce our affiliation with KFCC (Kung Fu Chinese Culture), in collaboration with the esteemed Wuhan International Chinese Education Center. This affiliation enhances our ability to provide professional and tailored Chinese language training services. Over the past two years, our partnership has nurtured exceptional Chinese teachers who deliver customized language programs designed for international students residing in China for academic and business pursuits.


KFCC, operating under the guidance of the Wuhan Education Center, serves as a global platform for cultural exchange, catering to Chinese language learners worldwide. It strives to establish a comprehensive ecosystem for foreigners in China, offering cultural adaptation sessions and facilitating foreign cultural exchanges for individuals seeking to visit China and immerse themselves in its language and heritage.


As a proud affiliate of the Wuhan International Chinese Education Center, our institute is recognized and endorsed for delivering exceptional Chinese language coaching in Sri Lanka. Our third level programs for both adults and kids have achieved the status of a diploma level program, and a joint certificate is awarded by KFCC and MISL, carrying significant recognition and value.


For further information regarding KFCC, please visit


Through our affiliation with KFCC and our commitment to maintaining high standards of language education, we ensure that our students receive the highest quality training, cultural immersion, and global recognition for their Chinese language proficiency.

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