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Our meticulously designed curriculum has been crafted by our esteemed panel of lecturers, who collectively boast over 20 years of lecturing experience. Over the years, our curriculum has been refined and proven to be a game-changer, providing step-by-step guidance to students on their Mandarin learning journey. Rest assured, our curriculum is beginner-friendly and ensures that new learners are not overwhelmed.


With an eye towards the future, our curriculum is tailored to meet the evolving requirements of students, making it seamlessly compatible with HSK exams. Each level of our curriculum aligns with the corresponding HSK exam, enabling our students to confidently apply for and sit for these exams without the need for further teaching assistance.


Let's delve into level milestones.

Kids Courses


Beginner Level:

This level is designed for kids who are new to Chinese and are unfamiliar with Pinyin or Chinese characters. Here, your children will learn Pinyin and the basic strokes of Chinese characters. They will acquire essential daily vocabulary and construct short sentences, including greetings, self-introduction, descriptions of family members, ages, colors, numbers, animals, fruits, and more. To make the learning experience engaging and effective, we employ fun pictures, tangible objects, and interactive games.


Intermediate Level:

This level caters to kids who can use familiar words to respond to simple questions related to basic daily topics. They can read Pinyin and recognize the most fundamental strokes of Chinese characters. At this stage, your children will expand their vocabulary with simple words, construct short sentences, engage in simple dialogues, and explore topics such as clothing, toys, household appliances, weather, and more. Moreover, they will begin to learn the basics of writing Chinese characters.


Advanced Level:

This level targets kids who can ask and answer simple questions on familiar topics using short sentences. They will delve into subjects like directions, time, seasons, preferences, countries, and more. Additionally, they will learn to narrate short stories and expand their repertoire of Chinese characters and nursery rhymes. Topics covered at this level include school, friends, classmates, and basic opinions. Students who complete this level will be awarded an immense valuable Certificate jointly issued by MISL and KFCC our affiliated Teaching partner in China.

Adult Courses:


Beginner Level:

Ideal for beginners, this course focuses on understanding Pinyin and acquiring everyday phrases. Through this course, you will gain the ability to comprehend and use basic Chinese words and phrases, meet essential communication needs, and lay a solid foundation for further Chinese language studies. By the end of this level, you will possess an excellent grasp of basic Chinese and be able to engage in simple and routine conversations on familiar topics.


Intermediate Level:

At this level, you will be able to communicate in Chinese at a basic level in your daily, academic, and professional life. This proficiency will equip you with the necessary skills to navigate most communication scenarios while traveling in China.


Advanced Level:

The pinnacle of our adult courses, the advanced level empowers you to converse fluently in Chinese on a wide range of topics. You will achieve a high level of proficiency and be capable of engaging in seamless communication with native Chinese speakers. Students who complete this level will be awarded an immense valuable Certificate jointly issued by MISL and KFCC our affiliated Teaching partner in China.


In conclusion, our courses cater to both children and adults, providing a formal and comprehensive education in Mandarin. Through our carefully crafted curriculum, students benefit from the expertise of our lecturers, personalized instruction, and a focus on integrating HSK exam requirements. Join us today and unlock the full potential of Mandarin language fluency, enabling you to confidently navigate the global landscape with linguistic dexterity.

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