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At our esteemed institution, we firmly believe that the learning journey should culminate with tangible recognition that empowers our students both academically and professionally. As students successfully complete each level of our Chinese language program, we conduct comprehensive level examinations to assess their knowledge and proficiency. Upon completion, we proudly issue a meticulously detailed transcript, accompanied by a prestigious and highly respected Certificate issued by MISL.


MISL holds a distinguished reputation as a pioneering institution in the realm of Chinese language coaching, further enhancing the value of the certificate awarded to our students. Moreover, for those who successfully complete the third level, they receive an esteemed diploma-level recognition. This distinction is the result of their commitment to extensive study within our program, acknowledged through the valued endorsement of our affiliated partner in China. Our collaboration within China ensures that the third level attains an esteemed diploma status, with a joint certificate issued by MISL and KFCC, solidifying its recognition and credibility.


Furthermore, our adult learners who complete the program receive an exceptional endorsement on LinkedIn, showcasing their acquired language skills. This endorsement becomes a powerful tool in attracting potential employers, as it highlights their unique ability to converse and add substantial value to any organization, they become a part of.


At MISL, we take immense pride in equipping our students with not only comprehensive language skills but also the recognition and certifications that open doors to remarkable career and academic opportunities. With our well-regarded certificates and endorsements, our students confidently step into the world with the assurance of success and the ability to make significant contributions wherever their journey leads them.

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